eau de parfum
75 ml  2.5 fl.oz


Nuit Noire elicits the steaming sensuality of a dark, sultry night in North Africa, exotic, spicy, and animalic.


NOTES: Orange flower, cardamom, ginger, orange, frankincense, cinnamon, tuberose, sandalwood, clove, cedarwood, amber, leather, musk, tonka.


A fragrance full of sensuality and lust. Smell the fruits and spices from the souk, the nightflowers and the artisinal leather undertones.

A strikingly carnal affair, the raw energy and heat at the start rises from floral notes colliding with woods, spices and leather, but as it is with lovers, this sophisticated floriental dries down richly intimate into a velvety seduction of spices.

The honeyed floral sweetness of orange blossom, intense tuberose, and robust, spicy cardamom seduce each other and tease for dominance. The indolic quality of the orange blossom and tuberose pulses with a ripe lushness. Brighter notes of ginger and oranges arrive on the hot wind of this vibrant souk and bring with it an intense accord of incense, spices and woods from frankincense, cinnamon, cloves and cedar and sandalwood.

Notes of animalistic musk, comforting leather, vanilla-sweet tonka and warm resinous amber develop into a creamy, velvet intoxication. This primal nocturnal journey becomes darker and spicier.

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    Nuit Noire is a shocking perfume.

    If you are uninitiated in the work of Orio, please remember this before you try it; then the top notes – the most feral, urinous, and sexualized flower absolutes I have smelled – might not make you topple over in panic, losing your precious balance. Which is a very real possiblity, as Nuit Noire – a powerful, orientalist evocation of a hot night in Tunis – is most definitely not for the delicate of constitution. What ends as a sophisticated and intriguing leather floral begins, triumphantly, with a concentrated tuberose, cardamon and very indolic orange flower (a polite way of saying faecal), that for the first few seconds is almost unbearably graphic. One’s olfactory mechanisms blush accordingly; you may well flinch.

    Essentially, with this unusual perfume we have the usual seduction in reverse. With a blinding orgy of sex organs and flower stamens we climax immediately.

    Post orgasm, the sweat cools, the world fades back in, and we find ourselves serene and languorous, smoking post-coital cigarettes. Outside, the sounds and smells of Tunisia drift in.

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