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3 x 10 ml  0,34 fl.oz


The ornate overture of flowers leads into the baroque base of sandalwood and warm amber.


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Carnation is a tribute to Colette, Mona’s favorite writer. It tells a story of the sensuality of  soft skin warmed by the sun, of perturbing intimacy, of a boudoir filled with sensual and chyrpe fragrances.

The nectars of flowers stand out, highlighted by leather, evoking a masculine facet of disconcerting seduction.

Bergamot, carnation, geranium bourbon, ylang ylang, violet, jasmine, precious woods, musk, amber, storax.

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  1. Carnation is the most original composition from Mona di Orio line, given both its unexpected pairing of graceful floral accord and suede-like amber and successful execution of the theme. I would haste to add that the peppery smell of clove pinks is not what the composition explores, instead presenting a vision of a red flower hot from the midday sun. In French, carnation means “complexion [of the skin],” and the composition makes just this allusion. The floral notes fall into an opulent layer, the warmth of the base smoldering under the satiny softness of jasmine and tuberose. The sweet powderiness of violet reigns in the indolic intensity of white flowers and lowers their voices to a seductive whisper.

    The ornate overture of flowers leads into the baroque base of sandalwood and warm amber. The jewel-like tones of the heart accord are muted by the balsamic vanilla, maintaining the seductive innuendo hinted at by the top accord. Yet, the mellow warmth pervading the arrangement is a relief from the overt richness, thus creating a harmonious result. Like a summer day falling into the evening, the initial sumptuousness of Carnation softens into the gentle amber studded veil.

    Mona_di_orio_bottleCarnation includes notes of bergamot, wallflower, geranium, ylang ylang, violet, jasmine, sandalwood, musk, amber, styrax.

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