Eau de Parfum
75 ml  2.5 fl.oz

Mona’s personal fragrance and symbolic for Maison Mona di Orio. Like the Renaissance painter Titiaan, Mona plays with light and dark contrast known as Claire-Obscure. In perfect harmony the notes change from light to dark. Building a bridge between her favorite sparkling citrus notes and warmer  woody resins


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Like the sparkle in champagne, radiant notes of Sicilian lemon rise to the surface with the citrusy sweetness of litsea cubeba and bigarade petitgrain, from the bitter orange.

The joyous top notes settle into an citrusy earthiness from vetiver and begin to transform into a woody, creamy softness. Mythical Mysore sandalwood and spicy cedarwood shade the woods and bring a lingering sensuality.

The comforting warmth of Lux becomes pronounced as precious musks harmonize with resinous amber, boozy sweet notes of Bourbon vanilla and incensy benzoin.


Sicilian lemon, litsea cubeba, bigarade petitgrain, Haitian vetiver, Mysore cedarwood,
sandalwood, musk, amber, Siamese benzoin, Bourbon vanilla.

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With a 75 ml flacon you will receive a 10 ml EDP spray and the 3 x 10 ml set grants a 1,5 ml sample.


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