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An imaginary beehive

Lavender Absolute, Heather, Dark Honey, Beeswax Absolute


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Apis Mellifera, could have been the name of some long-forgotten old Roman emperor but it’s something much humbler than that. It’s the Latin name for the European honey bee, Apis meaning bee and Mellifera meaning honey bearing. They certainly work hard to deserve that name, foraging nectar during all of the flower season to produce honey and fill up their larder for the cooler months to come. They are so dependent on the environment in which the hive sits that as a thank you for the generous gift the bees pollinate the flowers and the cycle is complete. I decided to place our hive next to a lavender field, simply because it’s one of the kind of honeys I enjoy the most. If the nectar of a flower is its soul, it truly gets a second life after being transformed into honey and I think that soul is especially present in honey made from lavender. This fragrance tries to tell much more of a story than just sniffing into a jar of honey though, I wanted the wearer to truly follow the bee on its journey from inside the dark world of the hive, through the fields, getting pollen it’s tiny feet and then circles back home back into that unlit world from where it came. A fragrance just as much about light and dark as it is of honey. To add more light to the lavender I took it apart and pushed certain elements to give it more of that feeling when you walk through a field getting warm wafts of it, much like the bee would searching for the flower most jam-packed with nectar. Also adding a hint of pollen with a touch of Mate absolute and as a plus a lovely tea hint. Finally, the honey note which is comprised several interesting elements, Beeswax absolute being the main component. Although I’ve never been inside a beehive (I’m too big) I’ve never considered honey to smell especially sweet, that’s more in the taste, so I can’t imagine the inside of the hive would either, therefore I’ve aimed at a much more balsamic honey note than one might expect. All in all, it’s an ode to one of the most important beings on this planet, they deserve the huzzah!

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