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Fog and dewy flowers surrounding Maison Sainte Blanche

Jasmine from Grasse, Honey Suckle, Orange Blossom, Petrichor Accord



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I remember when I did that first walk up the mountain. It was the morning after an immense thunderstorm had hit the steep slopes surrounding Cabris and my nostrils were instantly filled with the scent of rain as soon as I opened the door of the little house I rented on Place de Marronnier. It was much welcomed, as I, just as many others have very happy memories attached to that almost cradling sensation the scent of rain brings me, something I believe anyone requires on their first day at a new job. I began walking until I reached the edge of the forested road that would take me up to Accords & Parfums. I remember being surprised by how much steeper it was then I had anticipated but my mind was so occupied with collecting the scents around me that I paid little attention to my aching legs. Dewy Jasmin was everywhere together with facets of more luscious apricot-like honeysuckle and the tea-like sensation of young orange blossom, all wrapped in the remnants of the cataclysmic downpour the night before. Further up the mountain I found a tree split in two by lightning, the bark blackened by a fire that by that morning was out. I didn’t have to go much further until I saw the gates leading up to the gardens of Edmond Roudnitska, unfortunately, it was locked and I resorted to a very ungracious climb over it. There was a key somewhere I later learnt but by then my gate climbing skills had improved so much that I was in no need of it.

It’s this memory I have tried to preserve in the Sainte Blanche, using Jasmin absolute from Grasse, a material so fragile and beautiful it deserves the utmost respect. An endeavour not always easily achieved in perfumery. In my mind nature had already created the perfect companion and that’s why the rain facets in the fragrance provide such an ideal foundation for the jasmine and the other floral notes to truly bloom.

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