A fragrance inspired by the ancient kingdom of Nabataea and their capital Petra. An olfactory journey depicting the story of the people, their vast relationships in trade, their architectural craftsmanship and the very environment they spent their lives in.

Black Pepper, Black Currant Leaf, Dried Apricot, Oleander,
Opoponax, Clay, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Coffee Absolute


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It all begins with a burst of freshly cracked black pepper given body by tints of black currant leaf and dried apricots.

A vibrant floral heart follows, showcasing the abundance of Oleander trees growing all around,
a beautiful yet dangerous part of this landscape.

The base is an ode to the highest quality of sandalwood and the clay like odour of the terracotta
coloured sandstone Petra is carved out of.

The beauty and romanticism of classical antiquity with a modern approach.

“Castle Made Of Sand” – Chemist In A Bottle 


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