Founder, Parfumeur

“When I met Edmond Roudnitska for the first time in July 1987, it was far from my mind to imagine where this decisive encounter would lead me… Amazingly it was the beginning of a great adventure…

I have always been fascinated by fragrances, an inexhaustible source of surprise and emotion. As a child, I was so happy to discover new scents through the olfactory mazes of my childhood homes and gardens.

One can see clearly only with the nose.

I thought and I still think so, but what seemed to be a game has evolved little by little into a true passion.
I want to create fragrances that make people feel, dream, travel, remember and surprise.

Nature was my role model and my exercises were orchestrated by an exceptional master. So, natural ingredients and light are essential and unavoidable in my creations. Light figures prominently in my fragrances: I love playing with the olfactory chiaroscuro, I like the liveliness and sparkle of the shiny top notes, the sweetness and reflections of the sensual heart notes through to the dark pleasure of the mysterious base notes.”


Founder, CEO & Creative Director

In his search of a nose for his Fragrance driven Cosmetic and Lifestyle company ZENOLOGY  he met Mona di Orio at Accords et Parfums in Grasse. With a strong belief in, and passion for artisanal ways, Jeroen suggested Mona to create a perfume house with a focus on Mona, the artist and creator of the fragrances. Mona di Orio became the Nose; Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, the Eyes. Together with Huub Verweij focussing on finance it was a perfect match. In 2004, the company launched the first three fragrances, Lux, Carnation and Nuit Noire with many more following.

Jeroen Oude Sogtoen decided to ensure the story Mona and he created will be told and continued with more olfactive stories to tell and more memories to cherish; stories that perfectly align credibility, elegance and uncompromising luxury to reveal unconventional parfum traditions. With a eye on the future Jeroen builds on the fundaments of Light, Art and Nature creating new original and quality based perfumes with In-House perfumer Fredrik Dalman.