We are taking a pause while we write the next chapter for Maison MONA DI ORIO.


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As the founder and creative director of Maison MONA DI ORIO, I consistently draw inspiration from our brand’s rich history, core principles, and heritage. However, in today’s rapidly evolving world, I firmly believe that we cannot remain anchored in the past. Our focus is on a promising future that aligns with contemporary perspectives and insights.


When I made the decision to continue Maison MONA DI ORIO, the brand that Mona, Huub and I built together, I was resolute in preserving our legacy with the utmost care. My promise was to ensure that our house would not become a melancholic memory, but rather a place filled with joy and creativity. It is a foundation rooted in the essence of art, light, and nature – the DNA of MMDO – upon which we can continue to build. Our fragrances are more than mere products; they possess a soul, narrating a genuine story that evokes and stirs emotions.


Over the past few years, my responsibility has been to develop new creations for MMDO while building trust with both our new and existing consumers. To thrive, we have needed to strike a delicate balance between honoring the past and embracing the present – a challenging yet tremendously rewarding endeavor. I firmly believe in respecting our history and using it as a wellspring of inspiration for beautiful innovations rather than allowing it to hinder our progress. A crucial part of paying homage to our history has been made possible through the creations of our in-house Perfumer, Mr. Fredrik Dalman. Together as a team, we are moving forward, carrying our history with us, guided by the memory of Mme. Di Orio.


Looking ahead, we have decided to place a part of our collection into the ARCHIVES – specifically, the fragrances that have had difficulty resonating with the modern consumer.


As a curator, my role is to offer fresh perspectives on our well-established aesthetic, continuously modernizing and reinventing our offerings and collections. The archives will play a significant role in shaping the future and serving as an inspiration for young perfumers. Referencing the archives bridges the gap between the old and the new, weaving a seamless and never-ending tapestry. strong enough to last forever.”


Jeroen Oude Sogtoen

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