50 ML  1.69 FL.OZ

Dark wood coloured vermilion red

Pomegranate, Black Prune, Geranium Absolute, Oud Laos, Opoponax


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One of the truly magical aspects of perfumery is that any source of inspiration can be translated into a wearable story. Want to wear the mummy wrappings from Tutankhamun’s tomb? That can be done. Want to take part in the battle of Waterloo? I could place you right there on the battlefield. There are no boundaries. A perfumer needs to trust in one essential thing for the magic to work though, the imagination of the wearer. For without that very urge to escape, perfumery would undoubtedly be lost. Recreating colour, as in the Vermilion wood is therefore an arduous task because instead of asking for your imagination I’m asking for your associations. Thankfully nature provides tools that could help a quest like this. Say that you would be blindfolded and placed in front of two roses. One red and one yellow. You would then be asked to identify which is red and which is yellow, most people would be able to do this quite easily. You know why? Because the colour is encoded in its scent. You may not pay attention to the colours of scent yet but believe me if you truly observe there’s a whole new world to find. Vermilion red was originally extracted from the mineral cinnabar and is one of my absolute favourite colours. Such depth, richness and majesty. Something with so much soul required me to find a raw material that would give it justice in the olfactory world, Geranium Absolute was the perfect fit. Like a red rose on steroids, full of mystery and with a much more voluptuous body than the counterpart oil. Darkening it further with exotic balsams and oud got me closer and when I finally decided to brighten it slightly with the juice of pomegranate and buttery black prunes I felt like I was so close. All the elements were in place but something was wrong, it was just to shiny somehow when my mind was telling me it should be matt. I did finally manage to find that one material that gave me the sensation I was after but some scented secrets are only mine.

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