eau de parfum intense
50 ml  1.69 fl.oz


A single rose in a room of stone.


NOTES: May Rose from Grasse, Stone Accord



” A rose is a rose is a rose as Gertrud Stein so beautifully put it. Things are what they are.

In the case of Rose absolute from Accords & Parfums own miniature field in Grasse that isn’t the case though, this rose isn’t actually like any other and it evokes a completely different set of emotions in me. Accords & Parfums have always been a vital part of Maison Mona di Orio. It’s the place where Mona learnt about the art of perfumery from Edmond Roudnitska and it’s the place where I took on my very first perfumery briefs as a junior perfumer. They are very much part of our DNA. I have the great privilege of working very close to this DNA every day since all our raw materials are sourced by them, so you can imagine the excitement when we were told that they wanted us to be one out of two companies in the world that could use their very own absolute of May rose.

Jeroen and I sat down and smelt it together the very first time and we were in absolute awe, it was instantly obvious that it had retained a much higher percentage of its phenyl ethyl alcohol, one of the organic compounds giving rose its honey-like scent. Velvety would be the word to describe it. The deeper I dwelled into it the more complexity I found, pollen-laden sundried hay with drooping overripe apricots and freshly brewed tea, tiny specks of warm cloves and saffron shining through once in a while.

We were overjoyed with how sensational we found it. Our joy quickly turned to the realisation that a material of such a calibre didn’t need to be turned into a fragrance, it already was. It took us many months before we had the idea of simply providing a stage for it. What if a single May rose stood alone in a room of stone. The idea of a lonely mineral rose was born. I approach stony effects in a very similar way to rain, to me they have a lot in common. A transparent earthiness supported by a soothing texture of clay against the skin. It took me many trials to find the balance but eventually I think I gave the rose the pedestal it so deserves but doesn’t need”. Fredrik Dalman In-House Parfumeur.

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1 review for ROSE CONCRETE

  1. Every perfume collection must have a rose. Roses are the royal bloodline of olfaction. The trick is not re-inventing the rose per-se but allowing it to be experienced in a way that reveals something untold. The rose is still familiar, but you come away with a pallium of original grace that adds another layer of meaning to an iconic bloom.

    The clever title playing with the perfume process of concrète and the actual building material is actually concerned with the idea of rose brutalism if you like. I am lover of Brutalist architecture, its mute melancholic looming nature and powerful play of medieval, religious and wartime defensive tropes. I know it’s divisive, which makes me love it more. The complex language of Brutalism in its relationship to landscape and humankind can be endlessly debated, but essentially what I find in it is a kind of defiant void. Yes, there is ornament, but it aches and in the cold mute refusal to conform to any traditional celebrations of building beauty I feel kinship.

    Roses are themselves a perfume, this much is undeniable. If you ever get the opportunity to sample an exceptional rose absolute you will wonder why it needs adulterating, the five hundred plus aroma components present in the oil are surely enough to constitute a perfume of rare magnificence. Now one of the things that keeps Chanel ahead of the game is having their own Rose de Mai and jasmine fields in Grasse in Provence. This way, they can maintain total control over the quality of the materials needed for legendary perfumes such as No.5.

    Art Et Parfum, who work with Mona di Orio to create the perfumes, have Rose de Mai fields next to Chanel have given Jeroen and Fredrik permission to use some of the harvest. Fredrik told me the unadulterated rose de mai extract is the most amazing dark green colour and was really already a perfume so he and Jeroen had to decide how best to use it without compromising what made it so luscious. They decided it would be fascinating to set the rose’s multi-faceted personality against a singular, strange concrete note.

    It is this abstracted effect that Fred has created to support the Rose de Mai. There is a remarkable stillness to Rose Concrete I find very moving. If you can imagine a sacred room of pale grey concrete, light filtering on down from arrowslits cut high into the walls. There is a subtle haze from eroded dust that hangs in the nebulous light. Roses, in a simple glass vase, stand on an austere concrete pillar, quietly astonishing the senses, colours and odours seeming one.

    Fredrik’s quiet concrete accord is quite sublime; I’ve smelled similar things but not this architectural. You can smell the slab-seeming blankness of modernity, yet as the perfume blooms and the rose unfolds its heady classicism, the concrete accord becomes more powdered and granular. Yet throughout the composition Fredrik never once loses focus of the Rose de Mai and its iconic essence. I have written many times about my love of rose perfumes and often wonder whether I would continue to be surprised by anything new. Rose Concrete not only surprised me, it got under my skin and made me dream of petals falling on demolished houses.

    Alex Musgrave ©TSF 2020

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