eau de parfum intense
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Fog and dewy flowers surrounding maison Sainte Blanche, the estate Edmond Roudnitska build.


NOTES: Jasmine from Grasse, Honey Suckle, Orange Blossom, Petrichor Accord



” I remember when I did that first walk up the mountain. It was the morning after an immense thunderstorm had hit the steep slopes surrounding Cabris and my nostrils were instantly filled with the scent of rain as soon as I opened the door of the little house I rented on Place de Marronnier. It was much welcomed, as I, just as many others have very happy memories attached to that almost cradling sensation the scent of rain brings me, something I believe anyone requires on their first day at a new job. I began walking until I reached the edge of the forested road that would take me up to Accords & Parfums. I remember being surprised by how much steeper it was then I had anticipated but my mind was so occupied with collecting the scents around me that I paid little attention to my aching legs.

Dewy Jasmin was everywhere together with facets of more luscious apricot-like honeysuckle and the tea-like sensation of young orange blossom, all wrapped in the remnants of the cataclysmic downpour the night before. Further up the mountain I found a tree split in two by lightning, the bark blackened by a fire that by that morning was out. I didn’t have to go much further until I saw the gates leading up to the gardens of Edmond Roudnitska, unfortunately, it was locked and I resorted to a very ungracious climb over it. There was a key somewhere I later learnt but by then my gate climbing skills had improved so much that I was in no need of it.

It’s this memory I have tried to preserve in the Sainte Blanche, using Jasmin absolute from Grasse, a material so fragile and beautiful it deserves the utmost respect. An endeavour not always easily achieved in perfumery. In my mind nature had already created the perfect companion and that’s why the rain facets in the fragrance provide such an ideal foundation for the jasmine and the other floral notes to truly bloom”. Fredrik Dalman In-House Parfumeur.

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1 review for SAINTE BLANCHE

  1. This is Fredrik’s Grasse perfume, an ode to light, memory, white flowers and above all else, the iconic Domaine de Sainte Blanche in Cabris where Edmound Roudnitska set up his studio and perfume laboratory and of course his beautiful garden. This connects him emotionally and olfactorily to Mona, who spent fifteen years in Cabris as the last pupil of Roudnitska, one of the true aestheticians of the perfume world. The chiaroscuro of Mona’s complex perfumery has been much celebrated and discussed over the years, by writers including myself and the bright, clear natural light of Cabris is a key part of this olfactory development in her work. Her personal favourite among her perfumes was Lux, an extraordinary exploration of that southern French light encapsulated in sparkling citrus notes of Sicilian lemon, litsea cubeba, bigarade, petitgrain, rooty vetiver and played beautifully against drowsy warm resins, woods, golden amber and that particular boozy vanilla that Mona loved so much. The effect is akin to a room in southern France, mid-afternoon, sunflower light dancing through pale drapes flicked by a slight breeze. The household is sleeping. Cicadas susurrate. The shadows in the room mingle with shifting patches of brilliant light. This is the luxury of Lux.

    Fredrik has taken a different look at the Grasse light. Sainte Blanche is a very personal interpretation of white flowers, an unexpected approach to jasmine that honestly surprised me. Despite my professed love of all things white floral, while I sampling the Alinea line I wasn’t entirely sure if I was in the mood for indolic bouquets. However, Sainte Blanche turned out to be quite different from how I imagined it. Fredrik was living and studying in Grasse and wanted the perfume to echo the morning fog and dewy air on the flowers surrounding Maison Sainte Blanche. He wanted an airy lightness to the composition, a slight breathlessness, soft white clouds to echo his own experiences of walking through moist floral air.

    The composition based around Grasse jasmine, a photorealistic-honeysuckle and succulent orange blossom is rendered sublime by a carefully constructed petrichor accord. Now, there was a time, say ten years ago, petrichor in perfume was practically unheard of, then the word itself became magically huge when everyone realised there was an actual word for that rain-on-dirt smell. Then the effect in fragrance snowballed. It rained everywhere and we were smelling far too much petrichor and it is not a subtle note if overused, it is utterly pervasive, the knotweed of aroma portraiture.

    Used with grace and an intricate knowledge of materials however, it does what it is supposed to do, hint at traces of earthy, tarmaccy moisture in the air, mineralise the weather of the composition just enough to allow us to close our eyes and imagine rain has passed by leaving damp ground, aqueous flowers and washed air. Fredrik explained he used a green tea note to create the petrichor dewiness and each time I wear Sainte Blanche now, this small piece of information adds a pale swirling coolness to my appreciation of the perfume.

    The drydown is unexpectedly unfloral; on skin, the nectarous honeysuckle and juicy orange blossom lend the fresh Grasse jasmine a cool patisserie feel, aromatic and bittersweet rather than the drunken ashtray wooziness of many indolic boudoir jasmine perfumes. Fredrik and Jeroen have created a delicate yet undeniably dynamic floral perfume that glows of daytime and sunlight, morning luminescence and the quietude of a dawn garden.

    Alex Musgrave ©TSF 2020

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