eau de parfum intense
50 ml  1.69 fl.oz


A study on smouldering tobacco.


NOTES: White thyme, Tobacco Absolute, Vanilla c02, Liatrix Absolute, Oak Absolute



” Most people have a romanticized idea of tobacco. Back in the days it was an accessory few could live without and the movie industry has always been hard at work filling their movies with fashionable people puffing away. I could never get the cool factor out of my head after that. My father never smoked (apart from the occasional puff on a clay pipe when he was younger). Still he was adamant that every library should contain a humidor so he kept one on one of the bookshelves, tucked in somewhere between the collected works of Shakespeare and an ancient-looking bible. The library was my father’s man cave of sorts (still is) and I loved sneaking in there just to open the lid of that humidor and smell all the wonders dwelling in there. There where half-smoked cigars, bags of sweet Danish pipe tobacco, strange-looking cigar cutters and pipe cleaners, funny little tin boxes stuffed with exotic cigarillos and much more. Well a treasure chest really if one loves the scent of tobacco.

There’s a perfectly good explanation why so many people enjoy the scent of tobacco though, Vanillin is an organic compound often added to tobacco and as the name suggests it is also the main odour component of vanilla. Many fragrance companies make good use of this by making tobacco fragrances with overdoses of vanillin (often with the addition of something even sweeter like ethyl maltol), rendering them enormously sticky and sweet. To me a tobacco accord certainly requires vanilla in some shape or form but what fascinates me most about the scent of tobacco is its coumarinic side. The organic compound coumarin can be found in a variety of plants all over the world. The most popular being Tonka bean. My favourite source is something called Liatrix absolute. It smells very much like Tonka but with the addition of warm summer hay and beeswax. It proved to be the key to recreating my father’s humidor”.  Fredrik Dalman In-House Parfumeur.

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1 review for TABACEAU

  1. This rumination on burning tobacco is based on Fredrik’s memory of him sneaking into his dad’s study, opening a wooden humidor and inhaling the precious, masculine scents of cigars, pipe tobacco and without perhaps realising it at the time, memorising the most delicious thing of all, the wood itself soaking up the tobacco’s smoky aura.

    I am not a huge fan of tobacco perfumes. I used to be but time and a spike in migraines has eroded my love. And there was a tendency to overdo certain materials that suggested the smoke and fumes rather than concentrating on the beauty of the actual tobacco leaf itself. With Tabaceau, Fredrik has made something softer and contemplative, a scent that burns with a cleaner, sweeter flame if you like.

    The tobacco aroma has been deeply impregnated with elegant herbal elements such as aromatic white thyme and a beautiful sueded liatrix CO² absolute. I adore liatrix or Deertongue in perfumes, it has its own beautiful hazy hay-like facets that work so well with tobacco and vanilla, which Fredrik has also used quite liberally in Tabaceau but in a way that suggests golden comfort rather than any overt sweetness. The notes coalesce into an eddy of comforting aromas, and I think the addition of the white thyme is perfect; it serves to illuminate the vegetal edges of Fredrik’s vanillic smoke.

    Finally, there is a quiet oakiness in the background, the humidor reference that supports all of the notes with just the right amount of woody strength without interfering in any of the chemistry. Tabaceau is a strong scent, as befitting its namesake, but it mellows out with great elegance. I found it so beautiful on cloth, my t-shirts and jeans (yes, I scent my jeans…), they retained alluring traces weeks after application and that for me is something I love about perfume, being able to shrug on clothes and still smell remnants of weeks and months before.

    Alex Musgrave ©TSF 2020

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